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Srinivas Goud Turns Swamy's Detractor

The Telangana employees and their leaders played a key role in the Telangana agitation. In recognition of his role in mobilizing support, KCR has given MLC seat to TNGO president Swamy Goud. Then there was news that he was planning to make Swamy Goud a minister in his cabinet.

However, it is being said Srinivas Goud who won as Mahboobnagar MLA is strongly opposing Swamy’s candidature.

While Swamy Goud is a TNGO, Srinivas Goud was a TGO who played an important role in JAC. Now, both of them are vying for the minister post.

Incidentally, Padma Rao who became the sole MLA from Secunderabad also belongs to the Goud community.

It is said that KCR has commented that he cannot accommodate more than two people from the same community. In fact, Padma Rao and Swamy Goud were among the confirmed list. However, it is said that Srinivas Goud is trying his best to stop Swamy Goud getting a place in the Cabinet.

Meanwhile, talk within TRS is that despite KCR promising minister posts to both Swamy Goud and Srinivas Goud, he is said to be keen on accommodating Swamy Goud finally.