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Sr YSRCP Leader In Touch With Revanth Reddy?

Sr YSRCP Leader In Touch With Revanth Reddy?

A highly reliable source says that a senior leader from YSRCP has been in touch with Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy ever since the party lost its election in Andhra Pradesh. This is to safeguard his business interests and solve his existence crisis, as told by the source.

As there is no scope for him to continue his businesses and business deals peacefully in Andhra Pradesh, he has chosen Hyderabad as the only alternative.

It seems that by playing the caste card and rebuilding the old relationship, he has taken the support of Revanth Reddy to continue his businesses for the next five years.

As per the same source, there are many YSRCP leaders who have chosen either Bengaluru or Hyderabad as their playfield, away from politics but close to business, to survive.

That's the play of time. The leaders who thought they had a formidable stance in AP are in the process of finding an asylum kind of situation in neighboring states for survival.


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