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Spotlight: Balakrishna's Range Has Come Down

Spotlight: Balakrishna's Range Has Come Down

Nandmuri Balakrishna is the prominent Telugu Desam Party leader. He is not just an MLA but also the son of NTR, the founder of TDP and also the viyyankudu to the present party supremo Chandrababu Naidu. Apart from all this, he is one of the biggest stars in the film industry.

He worked a lot during election campaigns to bring triumph for TDP. He campaigned vigorously during the 2009 elections. But in 2014 he sensed that something was going wrong in his own constituency and so he concentrated on that place and won his MLA seat. 

Eventually in 2019 elections he focussed only on his Hindupur constituency and nothing else in the state. Though his party has bitten mud everywhere in the state, he won as an MLA from his constituency.

So in the coming 2024 elections also, he might be focussing only on his constituency but nothing else. His range has come down drastically to a mere MLA level like this.

Besides, he is demanding for Hindupur district contradicting the government's idea of making Hindupur a part of Satya Sai district. He wants Hindupur as the district headquarters but the government is pinned on Puttaparthi as its headquarters for the obvious reason.

Had this decision been taken during Chandrababu's time, they too would have made Puttaparthi as headquarters.

But now since the decision was taken by YSRCP government Balakrishna shows his disappointment. With this local demand and focus on his constituency's brand value, Balakrishna gives an indication that he is not going to lose his MLA seat again in 2024 as well. Winning as an MLA has become his lifetime achievement.


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