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Sonia Gandhi To Idupulapaya On July 8th?

Sonia Gandhi To Idupulapaya On July 8th?

Sources within the Congress party have reportedly leaked information to the media stating that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi will visit Idupulapaya on July 8th, which marks the birthday of Y S Rajasekhara Reddy.

These sources suggest that the official merger between YS Sharmila's YSRTP and the Congress party will take place on this day, as a tribute to YSR.

Sonia and Rahul Gandhi are expected to attend the event in Idupulapaya to pay their respects to the late YSR and subsequently proceed with the formal acceptance of YSRTP's merger into the Congress party.

According to rumors, Sonia and Rahul have allegedly offered a ministerial position to YS Sharmila in Telangana State, in case of winning the 2023 general elections and forming a Congress government in the state. 

This arrangement appears to be advantageous for Sharmila, as aligning herself with the Congress party and demonstrating loyalty to the High Command could potentially lead to future career advancements and influential positions.

Consequently, Sharmila may be contemplating the merger of her party into the Congress, as her current political trajectory seems to offer limited prospects.

But it should be underlined that she walked a political marathon of 3500 km so far but merging the party into Congress due to financial constraints, as per the other reliable sources.


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