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Sonia comes to TDP support in Parliament!

Sonia comes to TDP support in Parliament!

In a surprising development, former Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Thursday came to the support of the Telugu Desam Party, which was raising its pitch against the Centre over the raw deal to Andhra Pradesh in Union budget.

According to reports from New Delhi, Sonia had called TDP MPs Kesineni Nani, K Ram Mohan Naidu and Thota Narasimham for an interaction with them to know the issues plaguing AP and the issues that were not solved as per the AP Reorganisation Act.

The MPs gave her a detailed briefing on the injustice done to AP in the budget and lack of implementation of issues mentioned in the bifurcation act. She noted down every point.

Within no time, Congress floor leader Mallikharjuna Kharge issued a notice on Speaker through Lok Sabha Secretary General seeking a discussion and voting on the AP Bifurcation Act issues under rule 184.

This is really surprising as to why the Congress took up the issue and has supported the TDP demands. May be, the Congress tries to gain some political advantage by throwing the blame on the BJP.

Interestingly, Sonia called the TDP MPs for a meeting, a day after the TDP MPs stalled the speech of Kharge in the House but remained silent when Modi was speaking!



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