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So, Shouldn't Politicians Colour Their Hair?

So, Shouldn't Politicians Colour Their Hair?

Politicians of today are indeed becoming a unique and rare breed who can go to any extent to grab a headline in media.

The latest person to be targeted by T ministers is PCC chief Ponnala Lakshmaiah. And among those who have criticized Ponnala is deputy chief minister Kadiyam Srihari. In fact, Kadiam has gone a step ahead from his cabinet colleagues and made some personal statements against Ponnala.

He said that the Congress party’s pada yatra was more of a show off and that Ponnala merely walked the stretch to show off his Ray Ban glasses, his trim attire consisting of a waist coat and his freshly coloured hair.

Kadiam questioned the Congress about the contracts through which the Congress wasted crores of public funds in the name of Jala Yagnam. And it’s because of such acts that Congress lost power in centre he accused.

Now, one cannot help but wonder what Kadiam’s problem is with Ponnala sporting black-dyed hair, Ray Ban glasses and waist coat? Isn’t that how most politicians big and small dress up? So, why is Kadiam targeting only Ponnala?

Isn’t Kadiam aware that it is nothing new in politics or for that matter in any other walk of life?



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