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So, Pawan Is The Common Factor Between Babu And KCR

So, Pawan Is The Common Factor Between Babu And KCR

Okay, Pawan Kalyan truly seems to be the flavour of the season and all roads seem to be leading to Pawan Kalyan whether he likes it or not.

For starters, he was BJP-TDP friend who turned the star campaigner for Babu before the polls and now KCR has picked up a man who is a friend of none other than the power star.

It has already been reported that art director Ananda Sai would be developing Yadagiri Gutta.

Now the latest update is that Sai happens to be a good friend of Pawan Kalyan. Though KCR is not particularly fond of Pawan Kalyan, they share a common friend. Incidentally, Anand Sai happened to design Ramanujacharyula Project for Chinajeeyar Swamy near Shamshabad.

Naturally, a visibly proud and happy Anand Sai says his earlier sets for Pawan’s Tholi Prema and Bunny’s Badrinath were mere sets.

He had recreated Taj Mahal for Tholi Prema and Badrinath temple for Badrinath. But once he completes a prestigious project like Yadagirigutta, his name will be part of history says Sai.

Since the T government is pretty keen on developing Yadirigutta into Telangana Tirupathi, it is indeed a perfect break for Anand Sai.