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Should Sonia Apologise For Bifurcation?

Should Sonia Apologise For Bifurcation?

The bifurcation of combined Andhra Pradesh in 2014 has caused irreparable damage to the Congress party in Andhra Pradesh; so much that the party could not win not even a single assembly seat and has been continuously losing deposits in every single election.

In the recently held by-elections to Nandyal assembly seat, the Congress candidate could not win even 1,200 votes out of 2 lakh votes polled.

As of now, very few leaders are left in the Andhra Congress party as majority of them had defected to the Telugu Desam Party or the Bharatiya Janata Party or the YSR Congress party.

And those who are left in the Congress are wondering how they could revive the party, if not coming to power in the future.

So, when AICC in-charge of Andhra Pradesh affairs Digvijay Singh came to Vijayawada to review the party position, some Congress leaders reportedly suggested to him that people might forgive the party to some extent if AICC president Sonia Gandhi or vice-president Rahul Gandhi addressed a public meeting in coastal Andhra or Rayalaseema and tender an open apology to the people for dividing the state without understanding their sentiments.

Digvijay Singh, however, shot down the proposal in the initial stages itself, stating that Sonia cannot go back on her words. But whoever be the leader who made the suggestion must definitely be a fool.

If Sonia apologises for dividing the state, she would lose her prestige. And there is no guarantee that the people of Andhra would forgive her and vote her party to power in the next elections.

The party has been buried for ever and unless some miracle happens, there is no chance of the Congress coming to power in the state again,

And what will happen to the Congress in Telangana? At least here, the people have a very soft corner and a lot of gratitude towards the Congress party. If not now, they will vote the party to power next time. 

If Sonia expresses regrets for the bifurcation, her party would lose all the credibility in Telangana too, and it will meet the same fate as that in Andhra.

So, it’s better Sonia keep quiet!



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