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SCS: Final Nail In Coffin!

The TDP is not going to make any efforts for getting the promised special category status to Andhra Pradesh. This was confirmed on Friday when Chandrababu Naidu while laying the foundation stone for the Purushottapattanam lift irrigation scheme said that he had sacrificed SCS or the Polavaram project.  

What exactly does Chandrababu mean by this? Why does the State need to sacrifice something for Polavaram? Is not Polavaram a national project and binding on the Union government? Where then arises the question of a sacrifice?

Also, why did Chandrababu mislead the people all along by saying that the TDP would fight for special status even after special package was given?

What becomes apparent is that in return or executing the Polavaram works and clemency in the note-for-vote case, Chandrababu had given up on special status.

Executing Polavaram works would mean huge contracts going to his followers and huge kickbacks. Otherwise, why would someone want to take up a headache such as Polavaram when the Centre is willing to do it?

By admitting that he had given up on SCS, Chandrababu has once again cheated the people of Andhra Pradesh.



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