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SC order on CBI director a lesson to KCR!

SC order on CBI director a lesson to KCR!

The latest judgement given by Supreme Court ordering the Centre to reinstate Central Bureau of Investigation director Alok Verma should be an eye-opener to Telangana Rashtra Samithi president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

This was observed by Telangana Congress Committee leader G Narayan Reddy. He said KCR should learn some lessons from the Supreme Court's order on CBI Director's reinstatement and stop misusing police force and other institutions.

He said both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and KCR had misused Executive, Legislature and Media, the three pillars of democracy and did not show respect towards the Judiciary. They demolished all the democratic institutions and tried to rule like dictators.

However, he praised the role being played by judiciary in protecting the democracy and Constitution in the country.

He said the Supreme Court order reinstating the CBI director was a direct indictment of the Prime Minister and he must now learn to follow the rule book.

He said the SC order had reversed the precedent attempted by the Modi Government to take control of democratic institutions like CBI.

The SC order has now set a new precedent and no party in power in future would ever try to interfere in the functioning of democratic institutions.

The Congress leader said that the Supreme Court's order would act as referral whenever the party in power, anywhere in the country, tries to misuse the democratic institutions.



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