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Say Sorry First, TDP Tells Rahul Gandhi

Say Sorry First, TDP Tells Rahul Gandhi

Former MLA and Telugu Desam Party leader Gali Muddukrishnama Naidu slammed Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, who is scheduled to visit Andhra Pradesh state soon.

“Just to make Rahul Gandhi Prime Minister of India, Sonia Gandhi divided united Andhra Pradesh state. Rahul should first apologise to the people of Andhra and then enter the state. His trip is of no use as the Congress party is dead in the state,” said Gali.

On the ‘Special Status’ issue, he said that the Congress was not doing much in Parliament, and added that there was still hope on the NDA government.

TDP to throw garbage at KCR residence!
Telangana TDP president L Ramana has warned Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao that they would dump the stinking garbage at his residence if he failed to resolve the problems of the striking sanitation workers.

Participating in ‘Maha dharna’ staged by the striking sanitation workers at Indira Park here on Saturday demanding that the State government hike their salaries, Ramana has alleged that the Chief Minister was giving priority to the family rule only.

Leaders from Congress, TDP, CPM, CPI and YSRCP participated in the Maha Dharna and extended their solidarity with the striking workers. The sanitation workers across the State participated in the Maha Dharna in a big way.