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Sajjala, his son missing in action?

Sajjala, his son missing in action?

YSR Congress Party general secretary Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, who was effectively acting as an extra-constitutional authority in the party until a week ago, has suddenly disappeared from the scene, party sources said.

Along with Sajjala, his son Sajjala Bhargav Reddy, who headed the party’s social media wing, has also been missing for the last two days.

Both father and son have switched off their phones and remain unavailable to party president Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, sources said.

Sajjala was seen in Tadepalli on the day of the results on Tuesday and also the following day.

He attempted to persuade Jagan that the election results did not truly reflect the people's sentiment and suggested that there might have been issues with the management of electronic voting machines.

There were reports that Jagan had asked Sajjala to continue handling party affairs, alongside another general secretary and MP, V. Vijay Sai Reddy, while Bhargav would continue to oversee social media operations.

“However, Sajjala did not attend the party meeting held by Jagan on Friday, and when Jagan tried to contact him, his phone was switched off. Bhargav was also unreachable on his mobile,” sources said.

The party high command has reportedly received complaints from several former MLAs, alleging that Sajjala was responsible for their defeat in the elections.

“He did not allow us to meet the Chief Minister, and we had to wait for hours in the Tadepalli office,” they complained to Jagan.

There were also complaints that payments worth crores of rupees to various social media groups have been stopped.

“There are several financial transactions that need to be resolved by Sajjala. The high command will get clarity on these payments only if Sajjala comes to the party office,” sources said.


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