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Rumours Fly High On Gali Daughter Wedding!

Ever since mining tycoon Gali Janardhan Reddy has announced the marriage of his daughter Brahmani, every single development in his house has become a hot topic for discussion in the media.

And rumours have been flying high on the expenditure he is making on the wedding so as to make it mother of all weddings.

Nobody is able to confirm whether these rumours have any truth in them, since they are always interesting and hence, are being brushed aside.

The latest talk is about the cost of Brahmani’s wedding saree. According to some rumours, the silk saree being worn by her on the mandapam is as costly as Rs 25 crore and that it was specially designed for her by a prominent fashion designer from Bangalore.

There were already rumours that Gali had bought gold ornaments and diamonds for his daughter – all worth over Rs 70 crore.

The most interesting and unbelievable rumour of Gali family wedding is that he has arranged special “paan” exclusively for VVIPs and each paan costs Rs 20 lakh.

As many as 50 celebrities have been appointed exclusively to distribute this paan, made by a Bellary-based specialist. Even bouncers are appointed for the same.

One wonders whether there is any such paan available in the country – and what is it made of? Platinum leaves, gold nuts and silver supari? May be it is just height of speculation.



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