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RP team instigates protests against TV9?

RP team instigates protests against TV9?

Former chief executive officer of popular television channel TV9 V Ravi Prakash has been in jail in connection with various cases for cheating the new management of the channel, but his team is very actively working behind the screen to malign the channel.

On Wednesday, scores of activists belonging to Bajrang Dal staged a lightning protest in front of TV9 office at Banjara Hills and raised slogans against anti-Hindu propaganda allegedly made by the channel a few days ago.

Apparently, the channel telecast a promo against bursting of crackers as part of promoting Green Diwali celebrations this year. However, the promo had allegedly depicted people bursting crackers as donkeys. 

Bajrang Dal activists said this had hurt the sentiments of the Hindus and the channel had been frequently airing such anti-Hindu propaganda.

The agitators burst crackers in front of the channel to register their protest. They were later arrested by the police.

A couple of hours later, the channel management gave a clarification that the promo had been withdrawn immediately after it came to know that it would hurt the sentiments of a section of people. 

“However, some vested interests have been spreading the same promo through social media to instigate Hindu groups against TV9 channel. They have deliberately made it viral so as to malign the image of the channel deliberately. It is unfortunate that some people are still trying to project the channel in bad light, though we took off the promo a week ago,” the management said.

Apparently, the channel management believes that it is the handiwork of Ravi Prakash’s team which is working all through the day to run down the channel.

“We have all respect towards the Hindu festivals and their customs. Our intention was only to promote Green Diwali without crackers, as called upon by Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” the clarification said.

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