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Revanth's Swearing: Did Pawan Get The Invitation?

Revanth's Swearing: Did Pawan Get The Invitation?

Revanth Reddy's swearing-in ceremony is scheduled for the evening of December 7th. Invitations have been extended to almost all the politicians of many states.

Even Jagan Mohan Reddy and Chandrababu Naidu have received the invitations, which were publicized well in the media.

Surprisingly, no media house is bothered to find out whether Pawan Kalyan has received the invitation or not.

In the first place, the question of whether Pawan Kalyan received an invitation from Revanth Reddy is lingering. 

If he fails to receive it, that would be a significant snub for the Jana Sena Party.

Pawan Kalyan seems to be suddenly out of focus for many in political circles as well as in the media.

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