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Revanth Comes Up With Smart Strategy

Revanth Comes Up With Smart Strategy

One does not know what the outcome of Revanth Reddy’s case is going to be. But he is not going to take any chances with the future of his family in politics.

Revanth has reportedly instructed his wife, Geeta Reddy to take charge of the Party activities in his constituency, Kodangal located in Mahabubnagar.

Geeta has already held a meeting with political leaders from her husband’s constituency and got a first-hand report on the developments in the constituency following her husband’s arrest.

She has decided to be available to the people and leaders in the constituency on a 24/7 basis and as a first step will be meeting the farmers and enquire into their grievances, a programme initiated by Revanth prior to his confinement. Being a woman, the sympathy factor will obviously work in her favor.

The perception will be that she is devotedly following in the footsteps of her husband, a man victimized for speaking out against KCR. Not a bad move by Revanth. Not a bad move at all!



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