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Reporter: Bare facts on Andhra Jyothi's story

Reporter: Bare facts on Andhra Jyothi's story

The Andhra Jyothi group has published a big story on the question paper leakage for the recruitment to the village secretariat posts.

The newspaper had published a story that the top ranker, Anithamma, works in the APPSC, and was the one who typed the question paper and got the rank. 

There are doubts whether Anithamma works in APPSC or this ranker Anithamma is a different woman. Even if she is the same person, can she have access to the question paper?

But the question is are we still in the days of typists typing the question papers and letters? Have we not moved forward where the officer has a computer and printer on his table?

Are our officers still depending on secretaries and typists and not using the computers, even for the confidential matters?

Question paper for any competitive exam is prepared with utmost secrecy. The questions are sought from multiple subject experts and the questions are picked up from the list to make one set. 

Thus at least three sets of question papers are prepared, with different questions in each set of papers. Which paper did the typist prepare and keep it for herself to win the rank?

The subject experts too are using computers to prepare the question papers and they also don’t depend on the secretaries and typists. 

The three sets of question papers set by the officer concerned who sends the, to three different printing presses and no one knew which set will finally reach the candidate in the examination hall. 

Without going into any technicalities, the claim that those who are working with the APPSC and their relatives scored the top ranks in the exam can be dismissed on these bare grounds.



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