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Reel Buzz: Raju's Business Acumen

Dil Raju has come up with an innovative strategy to thrive in Tollywood. He is signing 2-film deals with all upcoming heroes in Tollywood instead of running after the big stars.

2-film deal means that the hero would get the same remuneration for two films depending on his market value at the time of signing the deal.

Therefore, if the first film turns out to be a flop, the hero would still get the same remuneration. But if the first movie turns out to be a blockbuster and the hero's market increases, he cannot charge extra for the second film.

Raju has already done two films with Sai Dharam Tej. He is now ready to do another film with Sharwanand and Nani. Similarly, Varun Tej who is currently doing Fida for Dil Raju is getting ready for another project with the master producer.



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