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Ravi Prakash Team Shocks Senior Journalist!

Ravi Prakash Team Shocks Senior Journalist!

When V Ravi Prakash was ruling the roost in TV9 channel as its chief executive officer and chairman, he faced several allegations of intimidating and blackmailing his rivals and critics.

While Ravi Prakash always used to preach the people that they would question the injustice and pull up the people concerned, he never tolerated anybody who questioned his autocratic behavior.

A team of his close confidants used to jump into action immediately to create troubles for those who write any negative stories against Ravi Prakash or upload any such videos on YouTube, till they delete these videos from online platforms.

Many people were virtually coerced to remove such articles and videos under threat or blackmailing.

The other day, senior journalist and popular columnist Telakapalli Ravi uploaded a video over the goings on in TV9 channel, the hue and cry raised by actor Shivaji over the transfer of channel management etc.

The very next morning, he received a notice from Ravi Prakash team accusing him of violating the Copy Right Act.

Naturally, it terribly hurt Ravi as there was nothing offensive in the report and as a senior journalist, he had the right to comment on any political and business developments. But he could not do anything but to remove the video.

It is not just Ravi, but many others had to succumb to pressure tactics of Ravi Prakash. Now, the situation has changed.

Ravi Prakash is feeling tremors under his feet and his status in the society has become questionable. Entire media is now gunning for his head. After all, every dog has its day!



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