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Ravi Prakash Surrendered To New Owners?

Ravi Prakash Surrendered To New Owners?

There were reports in the media on Thursday morning that the Cyberabad police were on the look-out for V Ravi Prakash, chief executive officer of popular Telugu television channel in connection with alleged forgery, cheating and criminal conspiracy case.

It was also rumoured that Ravi Prakash had been absconding for the last two days.

The police went to his residence and served a notice on his wife stating that Ravi Prakash should appear before the police on Friday for questioning. The reports also said he might be arrested any time.

But on Thursday evening, Ravi Prakash appeared on screen in the television channel denying all the allegations against him and without making any comments on the police case, he simply said the issue was before the national company law tribunal (NCLT).

He also did not make any comments about change of guard at the channel, but indicated that as of now, he is still the CEO of the channel. He even declared that he was neither arrested nor was facing any arrest in future.

This led to the talk that Ravi Prakash might have obtained anticipatory bail from the court to pre-empt the police from arresting him. Only after obtaining bail, he surfaced in the channel and declared that he was not facing any arrest threat.

But inquiries revealed that Ravi Prakash had actually surrendered to the new management of the channel – Alanda Media and Entertainment Private Limited, which filed a case against him.

Sources said he had come to a compromise with the new management, stating that he would quit the channel and would not interfere in any of the activities of the management, including appointment of board of directors.

In return, he reportedly asked the Alanda Media management to drop the case against him and allow him to gracefully exit the company so that his credibility would be intact. 

Only after a compromise formula worked out, Ravi Prakash came out and appeared in the media, sources said.



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