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Ranks Reflect TDP Government's Performance

Ranks Reflect TDP Government's Performance

It has been written about for quite some time that TDP ministers and MLAs would be ranked as per their performance in their respective constituencies and in delivering their official duties.

Well, the ruling party has finally given out its score card and as expected, it is said that quite a few MLAs and ministers are said to be unhappy with their ranks.

Apparently, some have also been heard commenting that the ranks reflect the poor performance of the ruling party as it has failed to fulfil the 10 core promises it made prior to the elections.

The government is still struggling to go about loan waivers, giving clearance to DWACRA women, waiving loans to women and NTR health scheme. So its poor performance is bound to reflect on people's opinion of their local MLAs. 

Many of the MLAs feel that since the government has gone back on its promise of loan waivers, it has become a huge headache for the MLAs while dealing with their constituency people.

But the tailpiece to this 'rank story' is surely the story carried by an English daily where an MP has clearly stated that the 'ranks' reflect the non-performance of the ruling party.



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