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Ram Charan Taking Needless Gap!

After 'Magadheera', Ram Charan hasn't acted in any such memorable blockbusters yet. Though he acted in some hit films, they haven't brought him any recognition for him. The mega fans even started losing hopes on him, gradually leading to his downfall.

His last two films were a big disappointment at the box office. Unlike other film heroes, who have been constantly striving hard to get a success, Charan is taking unnecessary gaps between one film and the next.

He boasted of completing his latest film Dhruva, a remake of Tamil film ‘Thani Oruvan’ within three months, he doesn’t seem interested in completing it in the near future.

He is supposedly busy in building his physique for the police role in the remake. However, he has not participated in the shoot at least for a few days. One might be surprised if the film is released at least by Dasara.

There is a meaning in taking so much gap, if he does not find good stories; but Charan is whiling away his time on other works, even after deciding to make a Tamil remake, much to the disgruntlement of his fans.



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