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Raju Gives Jitters To Naidu

In a rather interesting development, Union Minister for Civil Aviation and TDP MP Ashok Gajapati Raju has clarified that it is for the states to develop as many airports as they want.

He said both AP and Telangana could build new airports depending on their needs and availability of financial resources.

Recently, Chandra Babu has announced that AP will have 14 airports in 13 districts and that a plan for airports included Vijayanagaram and Kuppam.

Talking about the same, Ashok Gajapati Raju said he was not very sure if Vijayanagaram would have enough traffic to sustain a commercial airport. Instead, air strips laid by the British can be repaired and revamped for present day use, he said.

On the day of announcing the capital, Chandra Babu had announced schemes running into several lakh crores. But looks like his party MP has given up on his unattainable plans.



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