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Rajender's 'Atma Gouravam' Vs RRR's 'Atma Droham'

Rajender's 'Atma Gouravam' Vs RRR's 'Atma Droham'

Etela Rajender who had a tiff with the TRS followed by some allegations looks better when compared to Raghu Rama Krishnam Raju.

Freshly, Etela declared that he would keep up his Atma Gouravam (self respect) by resigning from TRS as well as his MLA position. 

But Raghu Ramakrishnam Raju is still with YSRCP and not even resigned to his MP seat, though talking in favor of TDP. Had he resigned to his positions he too would have got a chance to boast his atma gouravam. 

Etela said that he had difference of opinions with KCR from five years and he troubled him many times not giving the appointment. He said that he is not a slave but a companion to KCR in the Telangana Movement. 

"I tried to correct him, explain him but never thought of revolting against him. He hit me under the belt by hurting my self respecf and the image I built in the public, which cannot be tolerated", said Rajender. 

Will Raju also take a leaf from Rajender and keep up his self respect with resignations or will he keep continuing his 'atma droham' (self betrayal)?

We have to wait and see. 

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