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Rahul Gandhi To Promote Onion Oil?

Rahul Gandhi To Promote Onion Oil?

Onion juice has been an alternate remedy for hairfall as known by many. Though it smells hard, many attempt to apply the onion juice to mane at least once in a week to control hair fall. 

There are some beliefs that the fallen hair grows back if this juice is applied twice daily for 3 months. 

Keeping that aside, now the topic is about onion oil. This new product is being used by Varun Gandhi and he got his hair back. 

Some are suggesting him to share the bottle with Rahul Gandhi so that he too can reap the benefit. So, if we find thick hair on Rahul's mane in the next few months, we should understand that it is the power of onion oil. Thus he may become indirect promoter of Onion Oil.

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