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Rahul comments on KCR family, a big joke!

Rahul comments on KCR family, a big joke!

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi has lost no time in launching a counter-attack on Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi for slamming Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and his family members at the Sanga Reddy meeting on Thursday.

IT Minister KT Rama Rao responded to the backlash through his powerful comments on twitter. “Indian Notional Congress leadership talking of 'family rule' has to be the joke of the millennium. Classic comedy,” KTR tweeted immediately after Rahul Gandhi’s meeting.

Rahul Gandhi blamed that TRS for the disastrous state of the youth and the students in Telangana and cornered KCR and his family by saying that Telangana government was not able to provide a single job for each town but one family in the state got four jobs.

“Pre-scripted speeches written by bunch of discredited local leaders can at best make your party look silly. Get your facts right Rahul Ji,” KTR said.

On Rahul’s comment that the Congress would introduce “Made in Telangana” mobile phones, KTR said: “There are already 5 mobile companies manufacturing out of Telangana. If you need a 'Made in Telangana' mobile, go around & know your facts.”

On the Congress vice-president’s allegation about rampant corruption in the TRS regime, KTR shot back saying: “I stand corrected on the joke of the millennium. Scamgress leaders talking about corruption has to be the bigger joke.

Scamgress believes in democracy'!! Really? Aren't you the same party that is credited with imposing one and only Emergency in the country?”

The TRS minister said some so called 'national leaders' of 'national' parties who can't even win an election in their own backyard, make tall claims elsewhere.



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