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Radha Krishna Seriously Trying To Meet Jagan?

Radha Krishna Seriously Trying To Meet Jagan?

Andhra Jyothi Radha Krishna who has been acting like a foe to Jagan for a decade is changing his mind? Is he trying to meet Jagan and talk to him once amidst the changing political equations?

There is talk heard in the YCP political circles that he is trying for Jagan's appointment. They are saying that he might be trying for an appointment for his interview on the occasion of Jagan's one year rule (He interviewed Chandrababu in the past in a similar manner) or he may have something else to discuss in the meeting. He is reportedly trying for an appointment with the help of a key leader in Telangana.

Whether this is true or not, a channel head who is anti-Jagan, who worked against YCP in the previous elections had recently met Jagan. 

The channel head tried nearly six months for his appointment and he finally got it recently. He went to the meeting along with his daughter who is going to be the future head of the channel.

When RK came to know about the channel head's appointment with Jagan, he also started trying for a similar appointment as per the gossip doing rounds in the YCP circles. 

No one knows what's really cooking inside but some developments don't need a trigger point.

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