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Prashant team's over-action troubles Jagan?

Prashant team's over-action troubles Jagan?

Over-action by some overenthusiastic team members of Indian Political Action Committee (IPAC) headed by Prashant Kishor is understood to have created a big embarrassment for YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy, who hired the team for working out strategies for the party’s victory in 2019 elections.

Normally, when there is a correspondence from Jagan’s office, the staff would use the abbreviation of his name JMR in the references for the sake of convenience, since it would not be correct to write his name in full or Jagan in short. But the abbreviation JMR is being used only for the references to be quoted in the correspondences.

Apparently noticing that calling the YSRC president as “JMR” instead of Jagan Reddy or YS Jagan or Jaganmohan Reddy more convenient, some team members of IPAC suggested to the social media wing of the YSRC that it would be better popularise his name as JMR, instead of just Jagan and take the JMR brand strongly into the people.

Assuming that it was the direction from the boss itself, the social media wing has started using JMR in their reports extensively.

Sources said Jagan was angry with this sudden change of his name to JMR. In fact, his name as YS Jagan is more popular as the people acknowledge him as son of Y S Rajasekhar Reddy. So, if it suddenly changes to JMR, it may confuse the people who may mistake it as GMR or somebody else.

“It is like calling Chandrababu Naidu as CBN or Narendra Modi as NM. This kind of abbreviations do not work in politics,” a sources said.

Consequently, Jagan’s media house Sakshi had to carry a clarification stating there was no move to change his brand name into JMR and that he would continue to be referred to as YS Jagan only.



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