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Practice What You Preach!

Practice What You Preach!

On Monday, it was the 131st anniversary of the foundation day of the Congress party. But for once, the turn of events on that day were such that the Grand Old Party was left feeling embarrassed.

‘Congress Darshan’, a magazine of the Congress Party actually published a couple of articles which created a sensation.

Articles in the December issue of Congress Darshan questioned Nehru’s decisions on Kashmir, China and Tibet, and said that he should have listened more closely to his home minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's views on international affairs.

Another article said Sonia Gandhi's father was a fascist soldier in Italy. Sudhir Joshi, the content editor of the magazine was immediately sacked.

When BJP MP Kirti Azad was recently suspended, the Congress criticized the BJP accusing it of intolerance towards criticism. But what is the Congress doing now? Could it not be tolerant towards Sudhir Joshi?

Besides, while many from the Congress said that the views expressed did not matter because the magazine was almost defunct, it is interesting to note that not a single Congressman refuted the content of the articles.

By the way, is there no one from the ‘Award-wapsi’ gang out there to return their awards in protest against Congress intolerance?



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