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Ponnala Was Rahul's Choice!

Ponnala Was Rahul's Choice!

A series of statements in recent times by senior Congressmen showed how Sonia Gandhi vetoed important decisions of Rahul Gandhi.

Going by the remarks of the Congress functionaries, Rahul was apparently sulking at this act of Sonia. He was also reportedly unhappy at the comparisons to Priyanka Gandhi. But Sonia is now firm on having major changes in place by the time Rahul takes over in April.

The decision to replace Ponnala was one such move. Ponnala, prior to the 2014 elections was asked to prepare a report by Rahul Gandhi on the State and various other things.

Ponnala in his report had said that the Kamma and Reddy communities were primarily responsible for destroying the State of united AP.

Basing on the report, Ponnala was made TPCC President. However, he lacked the political charisma, or oratory skills to lead the Congress to victory despite the grant of statehood to Telangana.

The lack of support from the powerful Reddys did not help him either. In short, Ponnala was a marked man since the day he took over! However, he had the unstinted support of Rahul. But with the Congress losing its legislators to the TRS and the seniors taking up the matter repeatedly with Sonia, the decision was finally made to axe Ponnala.

When he went to Delhi to plead his case, Ponnala did not even get an appointment to meet Sonia Gandhi. Rahul wanted Ponnala but not Sonia and the Party. 

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