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Poll: Thumbs-down to Naidu-Congress pact

Poll: Thumbs-down to Naidu-Congress pact

Recently, we conducted a poll on whether the TDP has lost its self-respect with Chandrababu Naidu joining hands with Rahul Gandhi.

12,397 people i.e. 65.2 % responded with YES, 5,989 people i.e. 31.61 % said NO and 563 people i.e. 2.97% said they couldn’t make up their minds.

In more ways than one, this poll can be considered to be an accurate sample of the perception of the people across Andhra Pradesh.

Why can’t the TDP have an alliance with the Congress? What’s wrong in it? Yes, people change, parties change, ideologies change and times change. But values have to be the same. And Chandrababu Naidu fails badly on this count.

Poll: Has TDP lost its self-respect with Chandrababu joining hands with Rahul Gandhi?

The Congress was decimated in Andhra Pradesh for having divided Andhra Pradesh not out of any necessity but purely electoral reasons.

How can Chandrababu enter into an alliance with the very Party which divided the State? Is this not a mockery of the Andhra people? Whatever ounce of prestige he had left is completely gone now. This man will do anything for power and that is not what the people need.

People need a leader with not just ability but values too. Of late, Chandrababu has failed disastrously on both counts.



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