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Political Game: CBI Versus CID

Bowing to public pressure, the Karnataka CM, Sidda Ramaiah has finally ordered a CBI probe into the controversial death of IAS officer DK Ravi.

There have been statewide protests demanding a CBI probe into the death of 35 year old D K Ravi with Opposition gunning for the CM and even the Congress central leadership nudging him.

“I have understood the feeling of Ravi's parents. I have understood the feelings of people of this state. I respect the sentiments of the people and his parents...,” said the CM.

He was against the CBI initially as felt that the CBI was tool of political vendetta and favored a CID investigation over which the State government would have absolute control.

“What if the BJP uses the CBI to summon any MLA, Minister or even me? Do you understand the consequences it can have on the image of our Party and on ourselves?” the CM is said to have questioned his Cabinet for supporting a CBI enquiry.

When the CM of a State, himself is clearly concerned about political interference in the functioning of CBI, it is high time that somebody takes the initiative to revamp the constitution of the CBI and make it reflect its original intended purpose: an independent investigating agency.



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