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Plans To Put Checkmate To Balakrishna

Plans To Put Checkmate To Balakrishna

The ruling YCP gave a shock to Chandrababu Naidu by capturing the Kuppam Municipality in 2021.

Now in the next Assembly Elections, the party is focusing on grabbing the Hindupur Constituency as well.

It is known that Hindupur has been a stronghold for TDP ever since Sr NTR and eventually it brought victories to Harikrishna and now Balakrishna. There was no defeat for TDP in this constituency from 1983 to 2019.

Now YCP is putting its focus on this strong fort of TDP. We have to see how far they can be successful in this mission.

A political insider commented on this by saying- "Balakrishna holds faith in Astrology and even now he firmly believes that the reason for the success of 'Akhanda' are the planets in his horoscope and gemstones in his rings. He will apply the same power in coming elections as well. So, the fight will be between YCP's political strategies and Balakrishna's gemstones".

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