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Pawan's Target To Become CM In 2033

Pawan's Target To Become CM In 2033

What's on Pawan Kalyan's mind? Has he ever aspired to be a Chief Minister? If so, why is he supporting the TDP? He has been saying that N Chandrababu Naidu should serve as CM for ten years.

It's been suggested that the alliance between TDP and Jana Sena is meant to last for a decade. Many questions arise from this, but there's only one answer: Pawan has a different target in mind, and that's 2033.

Several months before the elections, Pawan convened a crucial meeting with the top leaders of Jana Sena, where he shared his vision. He expressed his thoughts explicitly, as reported by reliable sources.

He shared that his aim to become CM is set for 2033. He also conveyed that those who are willing to wait until then can stay, while those who aren't are free to leave.

Pawan made it clear in the meeting that his plan is to assume the role of CM by 2033, and until then, he will lead the party with as many MLAs as he can get.

Pawan may be anticipating that by 2033, Chandrababu Naidu will have retired from politics, given that he will be 85 years old by then.

Moreover, he might believe that the influence of the media, which has played a significant role in Telugu politics, might wane by that time.

The Telugu Desam Party has relied heavily on media support, and without it, their grip on power might loosen. This could be part of Pawan's foresight.

But what about Jagan?

Pawan might believe that if Jagan loses, Chandrababu, with his social circle and the media, will politically finish him completely. This could be why he's set his sights on 2033. Perhaps he confided this ambition to his key associates.

However, as the saying goes, "Man proposes, God disposes." History is replete with instances where well-laid plans were thwarted by unexpected events.

Just think of NTR, who never expected to be backstabbed by his son-in-law, YS Rajasekhara Reddy, who never thought he would end up in a chopper crash, or PV Narasimha Rao, who never thought he would become Prime Minister so suddenly.

Thus, while Pawan has set a ten-year target and aligned with the Telugu Desam to initially counter Jagan, he may be underestimating the community behind TDP and the formidable forces at play.

This is perhaps why he's devised a decade-long scheme. He will learn many things down the line.

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