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Pawan's Plan To Manipulate Kapus?

Pawan's Plan To Manipulate Kapus?

The TDP-Janasena alliance has been confirmed, but there is uncertainty surrounding the number of seats Janasena will contest, with reports suggesting it could range from 25 to 30 seats.

However, there is a concern that contesting in a smaller number of seats may not be well-received by the Kapus, a significant community in Andhra Pradesh.

In addition, an internal survey conducted by the TDP indicates that a slightly higher number of constituencies are in favor of Jana Sena compared to the TDP. To address these challenges, sources suggest that both the TDP and Janasena have devised a dual strategy.

Under this strategy, approximately 40 seats will be allocated to Jana Sena, but the Telugu Desam Party will personally select about a dozen candidates from within its own party.

These selected candidates will be identified in advance and will officially represent the Telugu Desam Party internally, but they will outwardly appear to represent Jana Sena. They will receive their tickets before the election.

This approach aims to create the perception among Kapus that Jana Sena has been granted more seats, essentially employing a manipulative tactic.

If this strategy is implemented, it is expected that a significant portion of Kapu votes will be consolidated in favor of Jana Sena.

Efforts will also be made to attract Balija votes toward Jana Sena, and Balija candidates may receive some prioritization in the Telugu Desam Party's candidate selection process.

This manipulative approach to candidate selection reflects the complex political maneuvers taking place in the alliance. However, the true impact of this strategy may only become apparent after the election.


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