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Pawan's Chatter Raises Concerns for TDP!

Pawan's Chatter Raises Concerns for TDP!

It is indeed true that our speech, language, and culture collectively contribute to the perception people have of us.

Pawan Kalyan is often seen holding a valuable book in his hand; however, the impression he leaves with his words is far from favorable.

While Jagan may harbor frustrations and perhaps even jealousy, there is a certain decorum in communication that should be maintained.

Notably, Jagan may refer to Pawan as the 'datta putrudu' of CBN, but aside from that, he has refrained from using disrespectful language against him, unlike some other YCP leaders.

Pawan's previous comments about Lokesh and the TDP before the last election have not faded from the public's memory. In this digital age, everything is meticulously recorded and readily accessible.

Pawan's remark, 'Nuvventa..nee Batukenta' addressing Jagan while embracing Lokesh now, appear as non sync to the people.

The public heard those words and responded with disdain. Pawan might be unaware of this, but the impact remains.

So, what are people saying?

The prevailing sentiment is that the more Pawan speaks, the more his true character is revealed. Those associated with the TDP are concerned that neutral voters might become frustrated with these words, potentially jeopardizing their alliance.

Pawan's issue lies in his incessant chatter without substantive content. While he talks and gesticulates, people perceive it as mere entertainment.

However, if he continues to target Jagan without articulating his ideas and vision for improving people's lives, it will become evident to the public that his primary goal is to bring the TDP back to power, above all else.


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