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Pawan Tweets Only To Deny Credit To Jagan!

The series of tweets from power star and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan over the inhuman incident of a Dalit woman being assaulted and stripped by Telugu Desam Party leaders at Pendurthi in Visakhapatnam, evoked some sharp reaction from YSR Congress party.

Known for her strong attacks on Pawan, firebrand YSRC MLA from Nagari and actor R K Roja pooh-poohed the Jana Sena Party chief’s reactions on twitter – three days after the incident took place.

“It is unfortunate and shameful on the part of Pawan Kalyan that he was not aware of the humiliation meted out to a Dalit woman in the hands of the TDP leaders till an NRI woman brought to his notice expressing her anguish over the insecurity to women in the TDP regime,” Roja said.

She suspected that the belated reaction from Pawan Kalyan could be only to deny credit to YSR Congress party which reacted spontaneously and ensured that the accused were arrested immediately.

“The series of tweets by Pawan appear to be a reaction only to see that our party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy does not get the credit. Moreover, his reaction was too mild towards the TDP,” she said.

She reminded that it was only because of the intense agitation by the YSRC that the government had climbed down and agreed to provide 80 square yards of land and Rs 1 lakh cash from the SC Corporation.



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