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Pawan, The Scapegoat In Greater Elections?

Pawan, The Scapegoat In Greater Elections?

Janasena leader Pawan Kalyan wanted to prove he is the king of sacrifice by not contesting in the 150 seats of GHMC elections and supporting BJP.

On the hindsight, he was expecting Janasena would be given the Tirupathi Lok Sabha seat.

Not just that, he was also expecting to be part of the campaign yatras in Hyderabad on behalf of BJP and rub shoulders with the top brass.

However, things didn’t pan out the way Pawan wanted. Tirupathi ticket got cancelled and even for the elections, Pawan would only participate in public meetings but not the Yatras. Added to that, BJP released the list of candidates without consulting Pawan. 

Though Pawan was reportedly disappointed it is heard that Kishan Reddy involved and said nothing doing.

Finally, Pawan shared his thoughts with the media in Delhi as a formality and mentioned a committee will be formed and a collective decision will be taken regarding the Tirupathi candidate.

Thus, it is proved that in the entire game of Greater Elections, Pawan has become the scapegoat.

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