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Pawan Takes Pot Shots At Mudragada

Power star and Jana Sena Party founder Pawan Kalyan on Monday took pot shots, albeit indirectly, at former minister and Kapu strongman Mudragada Padmanbham for making a big issue out of Kapu reservations.

Without mentioning the name of Mudragada, the Jana Sena Party chief said it was not proper on the part of some leaders to use Kapu reservations issue for political gains.

“This is not a new issue and has been there for several decades. But why did these leaders remain silent on the same issue when the Congress party was in power? Obviously, it is being used as a political issue,” he said.

At the same time, the BC leaders had remained silent when the Telugu Desam Party had included the Kapu quota issue in its election manifesto.

“Why didn’t leaders like Krishnaiah oppose it when it was included in the manifesto? They also want to politicise it. What I feel is that the issue could be resolved through negotiations and proper methods without affecting the interests of other castes. They should take up the issue with the commission constituted by the government,” he said.

Pawan also felt that the government should  have given permission for padayatra to highlight the issue, but said the police might have thought it might lead to law and order problem.



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