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Pawan Not Confident Of Coming To Power?

Pawan Not Confident Of Coming To Power?

Power star and Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan does not seem to have confidence in grabbing power in the next elections. Or at least, he is not very much interested in becoming the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh.

It was evident from his speech at the handloom weavers’ rally held at Mangalagiri in Guntur district on Monday. He said he would contest the next elections and if he gets elected, he would raise the issues of the handloom weavers in the assembly and pull up the government.

What does it imply? Pawan Kalyan will contest the elections but will be content in becoming part of the opposition leaders raising the issues concerning the people and questioning the government.

It will surely be a disappointment for Pawan fans, who are hopeful that he would herald a new era in the Andhra politics by coming to power in the next elections.

Right from the beginning, Pawan Kalyan has been giving indications that he had no interest in grabbing power in the state, but his interest lies in fighting for the people.

In any case, he has not created his party organisation from grass-root to the state-level and has not come out with any specific agenda.

Sometimes he says he will join hands even with YSR Congress party to fight against the government; and some other times, he hints at having an alliance with Aam Admi Party.

It clearly shows Pawan wants to remain as a pressure group rather than a powerful political alternative!



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