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Pawan Kalyan's New Walking Mantra

Pawan Kalyan's New Walking Mantra

Pawan Kalyan is a big star in Telugu cinema but when it comes to politics, he is just any other politician who lacks people's faith.

Even though he founded Jana Sena Party in 2014, he has been unable to build the party from the grassroots levels. Even now there is no proper party structure as per the political observers.

Losing both the seats in recent general elections, being the head of the party is an example of his poor political management skills. 

Striking alliances with the other parties and going away from them have become common for Jana Sena.  Pawan's party presently has an alliance with the BJP.

The latest we hear from the political circles is that he is going to implement a success mantra for attaining power in AP. 

The BJP is behind the strategy and Pawan is going to be the frontline warrior in the implementation. Don't jump into the conclusions that this is a newly invented formula. This is nothing but 'Padayatra'.

Many leaders have taken up Padayatras and the leaders who genuinely mingled with people have won the trust and confidence of the people. 

Now, Pawan is going to take up Padayatra from 2022 and it will continue till 2024, until the elections. It is going to be a two-year project. 

Considering Pawan's attitude, the BJP elders reportedly suggested him to take up 2 years yatra so that he can walk leisurely, he can take breaks whenever he wishes etc. 

We have to wait and see whether Pawan can turn tables for Jana Sena with this proven success mantra!


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