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Pawan Kalyan's Helicopter Costs Go in Vain

Pawan Kalyan's Helicopter Costs Go in Vain

Pawan Kalyan fielded Janasena candidates in eight constituencies during the Telangana elections but experienced a remarkably disappointing outcome. 

Except for Kukatpally, where he secured the third position, in all the remaining constituencies, his standings were worse than independents and even fell below NOTA.

His party's position in Wyra and Tandur is 4th; Nagarkurnool, Khammam, and Aswara Rao Peta is 6th; and in Kothagudem and Kodada, it is 8th.

None of the candidates contested from these seven constituencies could even match the votes received by the famous independent candidate Sireesha (Barrelakka) of Kollapur. Netizens are trolling Pawan extensively in reference to this.

On the other hand, some claim that his extensive helicopter campaign in the last five-six days before the election turned out to be a mere waste of expenditure.

With this result, there is uncertainty about how Chandrababu will treat him in the allocation of seats for Janasena in the Andhra Pradesh elections.

Analysts suggest that the BJP strategically had Janasena contest in Telangana to gauge Pawan's true strength and popularity, potentially for future alliances.

Now, the BJP also understands Janasena's reputation among the Telugu crowds, especially in places where Pawan Kalyan's films run with good collections. 

Pawan Kalyan and Janasena have become subjects of mockery throughout the entire election and result episode.


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