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Pawan Kalyan In Tension With Chiru's Rajya Sabha News

Pawan Kalyan In Tension With Chiru's Rajya Sabha News

There is news that Chiranjeevi was offered the Rajya Sabha seat from YSRCP. The inside sources say that Pawan Kalyan has immediately gone to Chiranjeevi to know what actually is happening after this news broke out.

Though he gave a color as if he is meeting as a family affair, it seems that he discussed his Rajya Sabha seat offer from YSRCP.

It is also said that Chiranjeevi explained to him that there is nothing of that sort and no one approached him so far with such a proposal. 

If YSRCP takes this turn and Chiranjeevi accepts the proposal, then there will be a political split between Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi. Even Nagababu keeps silent for not being able to talk on either side. 

The Chiranjeevi fans who support Pawan Kalyan will be in a dilemma. The Kapu votes to be polled for Janasena also will see a split.

But will Chiranjeevi accept such a proposal from YSRCP? That's the mega question.

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