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Pawan Duly Follows Naidu Advice!

Pawan Duly Follows Naidu Advice!

Whenever there is an occasion, Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu calls upon the people to ignore family planning and go for producing more children.

The reason he gives is that because of family planning and fall in mortality rate due to health care conditions, the number of youth in the country is coming down and the number of old people is going up. So, he wants people to give birth to more kids so that there will be more productive youth in the country.

One does not know whether anybody is following Naidu’s advice, which is actually detrimental to the country’s economy.

Perhaps, even the hard core TDP activists also might not be following his suggestion. But power star and Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan seems to be religiously following Naidu’s advice.

On Tuesday morning, Pawan became father for the fourth time as his Russian wife Anna Lezhneva gave birth to a baby boy on Tuesday morning.

He already has two children, Akira and Adhya, from his second marriage with actress Renu Desai who was his co-star in the film Johnny. Renu, who married Pawan in 2009, got divorced in 2012.

Pawan later married Anna, who played a supporting role in his 2011 film Teen Maar. Anna gave birth to a girl. Anna is his third wife as his first marriage was with actress Nandini whom he had married in 1997 but divorced her 10 years later. They had no children.

These days, it is rather rare for a person to have four children. So, it is naturally surprising that Pawan has so many kids. May be, he has taken Naidu’s advice very seriously!



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