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Pawan Decides To Go Slow On Politics?

Pawan Decides To Go Slow On Politics?

With his much-hyped film Agnyathavasi turning out to be the biggest disaster in his career, power star Pawan Kalyan is learnt to have become terribly disappointed so much so that he has stopped evincing interest in any activity, including his political activities.

According to sources closer to Jana Sena Party circles, Pawan Kalyan has decided to go slow in politics, at least till the failure of Agynathavasi fades out of the people’s memory.

He thought he would cash in on the film if it becomes a big success, but with the film bombing at the box office, he cannot the face the people at least for a couple of months.

Already, there has been a criticism from different people like Kathi Mahesh, the film critic-turned-Pawan basher, that the rejection of Agnyathavasi by the people is an indication to rejection of Jana Sena itself.

“What is Jana Sena in the first place? There is no Janam (people) in that party. Only Pawan Kalyan is there in the party and he, too, makes guest appearances. It doesn’t have any qualities of a political party,” Kathi Mahesh said.

May be, Pawan is thinking that it would be better to concentrate on building up the organization first before making public appearances.

It is not clear when he would make a full-fledged entry into politics, but it is clear he does not want to do it in the immediate future.



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