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Opinion: Wrong Statement By Manmohan Singh!

Opinion: Wrong Statement By Manmohan Singh!

“I respect the judicial process. I hope in any fair trial, I'll establish my total innocence,” said former Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh after being summoned as an accused in a coal scam case. This is a wrong statement by Manmohan Singh.

He says that he will emerge innocent in any fair trail which means that he is indirectly hinting at political vendetta.

Should he be found guilty for any reason, then according to Manmohan’s logic, it is because it was not a fair trial. All those years of working under Sonia Gandhi seem to have paid off as can be evidenced by his statement.

If Manmohan is found guilty, he can only blame Sonia Gandhi and himself. In return for the opportunity of going down in history as the ‘Prime Minister’ of India, he closed his eyes to one of the most corruption rampant regimes in the world under the UPA and Sonia Gandhi, corruption and loot that would pale the reign of the ‘East India Company’ into insignificance.

It is absurd on his part to blame anyone else now. He has to face the consequences now, whether he likes it or not!

Written By Kiran Sharma



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