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Opinion: The Goat Always Trusts The Butcher

Opinion: The Goat Always Trusts The Butcher

For saying that reservation to Kapu community comes under the purview of the Centre, Mudragada Padmanabham came down heavily on YS Jagan.

“Why can’t you fight with the Centre for reservation to Kapus along with SCS, railway zone and steel plant issues,” questioned Mudragada and added, “Why should Kapus vote for you when you cannot promise them reservation?”

Kapus may be the largest community in the State but that does not mean that a leader like YS Jagan or Chandrababu Naidu will fight with the Centre for their cause. No preferential treatment can be given to one particular community alone.

Besides, how can Mudragada equate Kapu reservation with SCS? This shows his immaturity.

If Kapu youth feel that they should not vote for YS Jagan because he has not promised reservations to them, then they should go and vote for Chandrababu Naidu again.

Either way, Jagan will stand to lose nothing as the Kapus did not vote for him anyway in the last election, yet he got 47 percent votes. Or better still, Mudragada should align with Pawan Kalyan, his fellow-caste member.

Pawan Kalyan will be CM and Mudragada, the Home Minister and Kapus can get reservation on a par with SC/STs, why just BC status?

The problem with people like Mudragada is that they will not be satisfied even if reservation is given to them. Tomorrow, it will be something else.

And this is primarily the reason that Andhras can never stay united. They put their caste ahead of the region’s interests.



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