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Now The Congress Is Regretting: Undavalli

Now The Congress Is Regretting: Undavalli

After Kiran Kumar Reddy launched his Jai Samaikyandhra Party in Rajahmundry, MP Undavalli Arun Kumar addressed the gathering.

He said despite the Telangana Bill being rejected in the Assembly, the Congress had passed the Bill in the Parliament.

Undavalli pointed out that while the BJP was given permission to hold a massive public meeting in Nizam Grounds, Kiran Kumar Reddy was not given permission to hold his meeting at the Government College Grounds in Rajahmundry. 

Had Kiran Kumar Reddy been in power, Rajahmundry collector would have personally overlooked the preparations for the meeting, said Undavalli.

He also accused the Congress and BJP of working together and the proof was BJP holding a meeting at Nizam Grounds, he said.

Though the Congress and BJP bifurcated the state and left it to perish, the Supreme Court kept the issue alive by allowing for an enquiry into the matter he said.

Speaking about the relevance of his new party, Undavalli said that the Samaikyandhra cause was still pertinent as the Delhi government did not lend an ear to masses of people who agitated against bifurcation.

Undavalli said Congress was meted out the right treatment by KCR who did not give in to the commands of the party. He said Congress is now regretting supporting him.

But the highlight of his speech was his statement where in he claimed that the Supreme Court is likely to give a ruling that bifurcation was unconstitutional.



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