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Now Or Never, Pawan Garu

Now Or Never, Pawan Garu

Well, if one goes by the statements of TDP MPs, then one is bound to come to the same conclusion. So in a turnaround of sorts, now the TDP MPs have pushed the entire onus on to Jana Sena founder and film star Pawan Kalyan and are now suggesting that he must take up the responsibility of getting the Centre to accord special status to Andhra Pradesh.

Incidentally, almost all TDP MPs have been resonating similar thoughts and Anantapur MP JC Diwaker Reddy who jumped into TDP some time back has gone one step further and added that Babu was aware of the fact all along.

Reddy then added that since Pawan has been putting pressure on TDP MPs to take up the cause and work towards it with total dedication, Pawan must get involved and make sure that the Centre accords special status to AP.

Guntur TDP MP and senior leader Rayapati Sambasiva Rao was also of the same opinion. He said it would be best if Pawan took up the cause and took things forward.

In fact, while commenting on Pawan’s involvement, Rayapati stated that the issue has already created enough trouble between TDP and BJP and called Modi a visiting PM who had little time for the country.

It is known that Modi has been on frequent international tours since he came into office. Rayapati further suggested that if Pawan will lead the pack, he and other TDP MPs would stand by him and support him as it has become clear that TDP was unable to get the matter resolved.

Of course, looking at the way the TDP MPs have pushed the responsibility on to Pawan Kalyan, political analysts feel that this is their way of hinting that they no longer trust Chandra Babu in resolving the special status issue.

Then, there is another section of analysts who strongly feel that this ‘blame game’ is part of TDP’s strategy to wash their hands off ‘special status’ issue and to make sure that all focus shifts to Pawan henceforth.

Well, whatever be their reason, the time has come for Pawan Kalyan to take a stand. Time will tell if he gives priority to film shootings or people of Andhra Pradesh who are looking at him as their messiah.



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