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Now, KCR Comes Out With His Own Survey!

Even as the Telangana Congress party leaders are rejoicing over the outcome of the survey they have commissioned over the prospects of the party in the next assembly elections, Telangana Rashtra Samithi president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has come out with his own survey to counter the Congress campaign.

While the survey commissioned by the Congress party predicted that it would get 70 out of 119 seats in the next assembly elections, the survey commissioned by KCR also has predicted that the TRS would get more than 68 per cent of votes in the elections. Though his survey did not predict the exact number of seats, the TRS will get not less than 90 assembly seats, if votes are translated into MLA seats.

KCR has apparently leaked the survey results to a select media only to counter the campaign of the Congress party that the TRS was going to lose badly in the next elections. It will also be a morale booster to the TRS leaders and cadre, who are feeling the negative vibes at the ground level.

KCR has this habit of commissioning surveys whenever there is a criticism against his government so that the anti-establishment wave does not get established.

“It is impossible for the Congress to gain power in coming years. With a desperation only Congress leaders have been creating hurdles to various projects taken up by the government”, he alleged. 



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